Pulmonary Tuberculosis

If you want a detailed summary of TB, the cause, symptoms, transmission, course of infection, treatment and prevention, you have come to the right place.

Based on classwork and AQA textbook as well as extra research. Enjoy my fellow A-Level Prisoners.

Live long and don't plagiarise. :)

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What is
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What is
Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that can
affect the whole body, but is primarily found
in the lungs; the first site of infection.
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Causes of TB
Tuberculosis is caused by one of two bacteria:
-Mycobacterium tuberculosis
- Mycobacterium bovis (from Cows)
The bacteria can survive on dry surfaces for weeks
It divides slowly at a rate of once every 16-20 hours
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The Symptoms
Symptoms of TB are:
- persistent cough
-loss of appetite, resulting in weight loss
As the disease develops symptoms such as fever and the coughing
up of blood appear.
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Tuberculosis is transmitted via droplets in the air from
sneezing, coughing or even laughing and talking
They can also survive on surfaces such as doors and tables for
a while.
The spread of the M. bovis was mainly caused by
unpasteurized milk, but with the introduction of pasteurizing
has substantially limited this as a public health problem is
developed countries.
Another way in which TB is spread is through prolonged
contact amongst people in close proximity.
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