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Summary of stage one
Nature of games · Institutionalised popular recreation; a reflection of society;
activities ranged from the childlike to the barbaric.
Status of games · No official rank, position or status for sports and games.
· Informal games were important to most boys while largely ignored
by teachers.
Organisation of · Activities were organised by and for the boys themselves with no
games master involvement outside of the classroom.
· Unplanned, informal or limited levels of organisation characterised
most activities.
Technical · There were simple, naturally occurring facilities and limited `local'
development rules with simple equipment.
Social · Widespread bullying and brutality with distrust and poor
relationships relationships.
Values · `Every man for himself'' and survival of fittest with no specific
values linked to games.
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Summary of stage two
Nature of games · Games were reformed along with the schools in which they existed.
· The phases saw the transition from popular recreation to rational
Status of games · Both the schools and their games grew in status as they opened
themselves up to
the reforms that were happening in society at large.
Organisation of · Schools and games became more organised especially with the
games growth of the House system.
Technical · More regular play on inter-house basis.
development · Games became more structured with specialist kit, equipment and
Social · Improving relationships and restrictions on bullying and brutality.
Values · Games used to achieve social control.
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Summary of stage three
Nature of games · Games now rationalized and respectable.
Status of games · Games now played obsessively at `cult' proportions by many boys
and masters.
· They were often compulsory each day.
Organisation of · Highly organised and fully codified at a time when many NGBs were
games being established.
Technical · Fully technically developed with kit and specialist facilities, skill
development rather than force and specialist coaching in some sports, for example
Social · More friendly between boys and masters and less bullying among
relationships the boys.
Values · Games played for the development of character, for increased
loyalty, teamwork, honesty and so on.
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