Current issues in sports

BTEC National diploma in sports, west herts college

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Hayley BullCurrent issues in sportsAssignment one
Extended Diploma Sport-
Development, coaching and fitness
Student's name Hayley L Bull
Unit No/Name 12: Current Issues in Sport Assignment no. 1
Title Development and Organisation of Sport
Tutor Mark Partridge Date set w/c 1/11/11
Verifier Sarah Prout Date /time due w/c 8/11/11
Student's comments
Identify strengths and weakness and areas where improvement could be made next time.
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own.
Signed: H.Bull Date: 28/9/11
Tutor's general comments and assignment feedback
Strengths Development needs

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Hayley BullCurrent issues in sportsAssignment one
Criteria Met Criteria Met Criteria Met
P1 M1
To gain a pass, all pass criteria must be achieved; to gain a merit, all pass and merit criteria must be achieved
and to gain a distinction, all pass, merit and distinction criteria must be achieved.
Grade awarded for this fully completed unit:
Assessor's Declaration
I certify that to the best of my knowledge the
work submitted by the learner named above is
original and has been completed independently.…read more

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Hayley BullCurrent issues in sportsAssignment one
Preindustrial sports
Preindustrial sports such as mob football tended to have very simple rules, depended on
occupation, wagering (betting), occasional sports was played on public holidays as the lower
working class worked long hours and had less than one day off work a week which ment there was
no time to play sports because they couldn't afford too as they were payed so little the average
textile industry worker got about 3 shillings a week.…read more

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Hayley BullCurrent issues in sportsAssignment one
Sports or rational recreation in the early nineteenth century was regularly participated in, purpose
built complexes were introduced, more skills were needed to as it changed from force, it was more
spectator and participation based and the use of more equipment was also introduced.
Rational recreation was played with fair rules controls of gambling on sports participants,
respectable, nationally and internationally recognised which meant that competitions in specific
sports could take place with the same rules.…read more

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Hayley BullCurrent issues in sportsAssignment one
official rules of swimming were put into place. In 1869 only one national championship took place,
the only event was the one mile swim.
The `Metropolitan swimming association' changed its name in 1873 to the `swimming association of
great Britain', this did not include Scotland. In 1883 the laws of amateur swimming was sent to parts
of England and America.…read more


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