Current issues in sports- BTEC National diploma

BTEC National diploma in sports, west herts college

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Tuesday 13th September 2011
Current issues in sports
Learning objectives: Identify the impact of the public schools
Describe the development if a specific sport. Characteristics of popular recreation
Simple lack of technology
Simple rules/ no NGB
Violent/ cruel
Wagering/ betting
Popular recreation everybody participated
The industrial revolution
Effects of the industrial revolution
People moved from rural villages to towns and cities for work
Long working hours
Less leisure time
Excessive drinking and gambling
Factory owners were against sports (injury and absence from work)
Mob sports still played in towns and villages in small places
In 1800 1 in 5 people lived in towns
By 1851 50% lived in urban environments
By 1880 this figure has risen to 75%
Sports for upper classes and middle classes were still popular and carried on in
preindustrial forms
Developed transport= increased mobility

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Public schools in the 19th century were private, independent and fee paying. Only catered for the
upper classes, those who could afford to pay or who had a high social standard. There were also
middle class copies of these schools known as proprietary colleges.
Rational recreation in post industrial Britain
This was the term used to the introduction of leisure activity which were seen as being productive
and moral.…read more

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Regionally and nationally recognised
Spectator and participation based
Fair play
Regional, national, international
Urban/ suburban
Control of gambling
Purpose built facilities
Social and cultural
Improved transport
Business and administration
Middle classed influence
Increased free time
Public school influence
Technological influence
Class structure
Increased law and order
The 20th century
Sports becoming more international/ global
Beginnings of the Olympic movement
The formation of
FIFA…read more


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