Psychosexual Development Stages: Psychology AQA A2

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Stage Libido Located Gratification gained by: Consequences of fixation:
Oral Stage Mouth Breast feeding, biting, Under Gratified ­ Oral Pessimist ­ Independent, untrusting, sarcastic (biting wit) likely to
0-18 months sucking. smoke, drink and over eat, especially when stressed.
Over Gratified ­ Oral Optimist ­ Gullible, too trusting, addictive personality.
Anal Stage Anus Learning to control muscles Toilet trained too early ­ Anal Retentive ­ Not expressive / emotional, tight with money,
18 months ­ 3 years (sphincter during toilet training. organised, don't throw things away.
Toilet trained too late ­ Anal Expulsive ­ Messy, disorganised, often late, spends money
without thinking, emotional.
Phallic Stage Genitals (phallus) Infantile Masturbation (There is no distinction between over and under gratification.)
3-6 years Narcissistic, vain, self loving, hyper masculine or hyper feminine. Although they act this
way, they are in fact insecure, and find it difficult to have relationships, due to self loving.
Latent Stage Puberty Physical changes, no No fixation can take place as no psychosexual development is taking place.
Puberty psychosexual development
takes place.
Genital Stage Genitals N/A No fixations take place in this stage, but any fixations that have occurred in previous
Adulthood developmental stages begin to show up in the individual's behaviour.
Psychosexual Development Stages

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(Abnormal Behaviour)
Conflicts within the psyche Repression of Emotions (sexual)
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