Psychology in sports performance

BTEC National diploma in sports, west herts college

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Friday 9th September 2011
Sports psychology
Sports psychology `the study of people and their behaviours in a sporting environment/
Roles of a sports psychologist
Enhance performance
Injury rehab
Assess medical state
Team building
Personality `the sum of these characteristics that make them unique'
Why is it important to understand an individual personality?
We need to be aware of how different people react when faced with the same situation. Knowing
and understanding yourself when someone trains you.
Pick two athletes from the same sport, whom you feel have conflicting personalities.
Ballotelli aggressive
Thierry Henry simple and calm
Personality characteristics
Paula Radcliff and usain bolt athletics
Are these personality characteristics they have in common?
Both confident in what they do and success make them more confident
Are these characteristics important in their sport?
Yes, because it allows them to stay motivated to do better next time
Can these characteristics explain their success?
Yes, because they are confident in what they do and keeps them motivated to show new skills
in their sport

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Trait theory
A trait is said to be a characteristic inherited at birth
Causes you to act in a certain way
Stable and enduring across all situations
People change
Depends on the situation
This theory is assessed through questionnaires and may help predict what a person is like in a
situation. This theory divides people into two different groups type A and type B but scientifically
people may be split into both of the categories.…read more

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Human beings are by nature unpredictable in their responses and their personalities cannot
be labelled
Personality will/develop overtime
Trait approach may explain why people choose certain sports, but not how successful they
will be.…read more


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