Concepts of Sport in Society

looking at the ideas of physical recreation, outdoor recreation and sport

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Physical recreation

to take part in a game or activity for its own sake and not for any extrinsic reward

partipation and not standard of performance,

Taking part and not winning,

enjoyment and satisfaction not record breaking

Leisure Physical Recreation

the reason physical recreation may be so low on the continuum may be opportunity, provision and esteem

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Outdoor Recreation

To appreciate the beauty of nature

to respect the natural environment

to feel a sense of adventure and perhaps risk

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Sport and Culture

Amateurism and Professionalism

who? - those will physical prowess (skills

where? - at a designated place

when? - at a designated time

why? - intrinsic and extrinic rewards

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What makes a sport a sport

tradition - do we traditionally call the activity a sport

physical exertion - does the activity involve strenuous movement

competition - does the activity involve competition against oneself or others

administration - does the activity follow national governing body rules

behaviour - does the performer show commitment, skill and fair play

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Fair Play/Sportsmanship

functional - when sport is played in the spirit of the game, where rules are abided by and refereers decisions are accepted

dysfunctional - when rules are broken on purpose, players argue with the referee and agression is shown towards others

sportsmanship - treating your opponent with respect and as an equal showing fair play and good behaviour

gamesmanship - practise of beating your opponent by gaining an unfair or psychological advantage without breaking the law e.g. time wasting

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Sport For all and Elite Sport

Sport for all - everyone has the opportunity to take part in the sport of their choice

Sporting Excellence - the very best perfomers are given additional support

Performance Pyramid

foundation level - young children introduced to sport

participation level - youngsters choose to take part in selected acitivities for enjoyment, friends and health

Performance level - participants are commited to performing in formally organised activites

Excellence level - elite performers represent their country in national and international competition

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