Psychology - Cognitive Approach - Theories of memory and forgetting

A presentation giving a brief outline on the theories of memory and forgetting...

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64 11 36 86…read more

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Cognitive Approach in Psychology is a relatively modern approach to human
behaviour that focuses on how we think, with the belief that such thought
processes affect the way in which we behave.…read more

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Some theories say that memories are forgotten because they have
been lost from the brain. These are called availability theories.
When physical trace of s memory
disappears overtime unless it is
passed to the long term memory.
The opposite of cued recall is
free call. Free call is when you
remember something with
out a cue.…read more

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The depth of This is more
processing of a concerned with
stimulus has a large what happens
effect on how long when
and strong we information is
remember it. stored and
retrieved from
Deeper analysis - memory.
more elaborate,
longer lasting and
strong memory
traces.…read more

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