Definitions of all Approaches

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1) Define the Social Approach:

The social approach explains how behaviour is influenced by the culture and society we are a part of, as well as the attitudes, actions and the presence of people around us. It shows why people are obedient and prejudiced. Milgram, for example, was one of the many psychologists who conducted experiements and variations to see if people would obey and authority figure and why. Furthermore, Tajfel was one of the psychoogists who investigated prejudice; how it develops and why it leads to descrimination. The social approach can be used to explain many worldly matters, from ethnic cleansing to football rivalry.

2) Define the Cognitive Approach:

The Cognitive Approach uses cognition to explain how we think. Cognition  refers to the mental processes needed to make sense of the world. These may include perception, attention, memory, problem solving and many more. Cognitive psychologists believe that the way we perceive and think determines the way we behave. The cognitive approach sets out to explain and suggest why we forget things and how we can remember things, which is what


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