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Psychological stress management
methods- hardiness training
AS Psychology, unit 2, physiological
(stress)…read more

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Hardiness training
· Focusing- allows the source of stress to be identified.
Therapists help clients to acquire new strategies for
coping with stress
· reconstructing stressful situations- identifies current
coping strategies and how they can be improved.
encourages client to have a more realistic approach to life
stress and how to cope with it. Realising the events could'
ve been a lot worse makes them feel more optimistic when
coping with stress
· Self improvement- taught how to control situations and
think positively improving their self efficiency which is the
sense of personal effectiveness and control over one's life,
making them feel more optimistic when cooing with stress…read more

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· Been effective with Olympic swimmers to ensure thay
are committed to the challenge of increased
performance levels and to control stress that may
interfere with training
· In Utah, it helped students to stay on their course
for longer and to have a better chance of graduating
· Expensive, time consuming hard to change people
· Funk said low hardiness is the same as being negative
and its negativity not lack of hardiness that leads to
ill effects of stress…read more


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