Psychological stress management

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Stress inoculation training (SIT) Meichenbaum and Cameron 1983
Cognitive behavioural method to prepare for future stressors. They're taught coping strategies in 3 stages.
1) conceptualization:
The main cognitive element. They are encouraged to relive stressful situations and to analyse various features. These discussions can be individually or in groups. Shairng experiences allows a greater understanding of stress and reactions to if clients can reach more of a realistic understanding
2) skills training and practice - Clients can be taught specific and non specific strategies for coping once stressful situations are identified. Relaxation techniques deal with arousal of stress, training helps reduce specific demands
3) real life application - This is the final stage where the client has to put the training to test in the real world. Contact with the therapist is maintained and follow up training is provided if necessary. Reinforcement of successful coping becomes substaining.

Kobasa and Maddi 1977 -
control - belief you can control what happens in your life. Similar to locus of control


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