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The psychodynamic approach says that much of our behaviour is driven by unconscious
Childhood is a critical period in development.
Mental disorders arise from unresolved, unconscious conflicts originating in childhood.
Mental illness occurs as a result psychological problems, not physical.

Components of personality
Freud stated that there are…

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Freud believed that people can become stuck or fixated at any of these stages which will affects
later behaviour. E.g smokers have an oral personality as pleasure is gained from their mouths. Tidy
and excessive may be described as having an anal personality.

Defence Mechanisms
Childhood conflicts cause anxiety, and…

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Based on the idea that individuals are unaware of the many factors that cause their
behaviour, emotions and mental health.
Some of these factors operate at an unconscious level, and are the result of repressed
memories or unresolved conflicts from childhood.
Therapists attempt to trace these unconscious factors to…

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Treatment takes long time and expensive.


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