Compare and Contrast the Biological and the Psychodynamic approaches

Compare and contrast the biological approach and the psychodynamic approach.


Compare and Contrast the Biological and the Psychodynamic approaches


  • REDUCIONIST: Biological approach tries to understand behaviour in terms of biological responses but ignores psychological and social factors. Psychodynamic approach focuses on childhood and unconscious, ignores current events and conscious thought processes.
  • DETERMINISTIC: Biological approach believes if our personality and behaviour is a consequence of our genetics and physiology suggests we have no free will. Psychodynamic approach suggests that personality is fully developed by age 6. It is difficult or impossible to change-biological determinism (no free will)


  • NATURE/NURTURE: Biological approach only takes into account the nature part of the debate as it believes that we are a product of our genes, brain structure, neurotransmitter and hormone levels. Whereas, Psychodynamic approach is interactionist as it takes both nature and nurture into account. Believes that id is innate (nature) and early childhood experiences (nurture) is important for ego and super ego.
  • SCIENTIFIC/NON-SCIENTIFIC: Biological approach is scientific and variables can be measured objectively and casual relationships can be found (lab exp.) theories are falsifiable. However, Psychodynamic approach is non-scientific as the unconscious mind is inaccessible and cannot be directly tested.

Overall comparison

Biological and Psychodynamic both have many similarities and differences.


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