The Psychodynamic Model of Abnormality

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Psychodynamic is based on conflict in development

  • Based on Freud's division of personality into id, ego and superego.
  • It also uses his stages of development - oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital stages. 
  • It suggests conflict and anxiety may occur during childhood because the egp is not yet developed enough to deal with the id's desires, understand real world issues or cope with the superego's moral demands. 
  • Psychological disorders may also come from conflict and anxiety which happens in a certainstage of development.
  • Anxiety from the conflicts is repressed into the unconscious mind. Stress or trauma in adulthood may trigger the repressed conflicts leading to psychological disorders. 

Psychoanalysis is used as a treatment in the psychodynamic model

  • Psychoanalysis aims to allow patients to access repressed thoughts and unconscious conflicts - insight.
  • Patients were then encouraged to deal with the conflicts.
  • Freud recognised it would be painful and cause anxiety


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