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PSYA4 Psychopathology: Schizophrenia

Past Paper Questions: Schizophrenia
Specimen Paper
Outline and evaluate one or more biological explanations for schizophrenia. In your evaluation
you should refer to research evidence. (9 marks + 16 marks)

January 2010
`Therapies can be time-consuming and, in some cases, uncomfortable for the client. It is, therefore,…

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PSYA4 Psychopathology: Schizophrenia

Other Possible questions:

Describe two explanations of the Schizophrenia (9 marks)
Evaluate these explanations of Schizophrenia (16 marks)

"Psychologists believe that Schizophrenia can be explained solely by biological factors"
Discuss this claim with reference to the above quotation.

Describe and evaluate at least two issues in classifying…




this is extremely useful, thanks for uploading it!! :) just wondering did you do this for any of the other topics ?  

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