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PSYA4: A2 Level Psychology

Media Psychology

Media influences on social behaviour

Discuss media influences on prosocial behaviour (25 marks)

Discuss media influences on anti-social behaviour (25 marks)

Discuss research (theories and/ or studies) into the effects of videogames/ computers on young people
(25 marks)

Persuasion, attitude and change

Discuss the…

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PSYA4: A2 Level Psychology

Feb 2010 PSYA4

a) `Content analysis has shown that many video games have violent themes. Many of these games are
aimed at adolescents. There is a growing concern that such games encourage violent behaviour in the
young people who play them'

(i) Explain some of the…

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PSYA4: A2 Level Psychology

a) Outline the Elaboration Likelihood model of persuasion. Explain how a mobile phone company
might use knowledge of this model in a campaign to market a new phone. (4 marks + 6 marks)

b) Researchers conducted a study of media influences on anti-social behaviour. The researchers…


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