PSYA4: ALL Media Questions inc. Past Papers

ALL of the possible media questions this includes past papers up until Jan 2013 (PSYA4 MEDIA AQA A)

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PSYA4: A2 Level Psychology
Media Psychology
Media influences on social behaviour
Discuss media influences on prosocial behaviour (25 marks)
Discuss media influences on anti-social behaviour (25 marks)
Discuss research (theories and/ or studies) into the effects of videogames/ computers on young people
(25 marks)
Persuasion, attitude and change
Discuss the relationship between persuasion and attitude change (25 marks)
Outline and evaluate the theories of cognitive dissonance and self-perception (25 marks)
With reference to psychological research, discuss the effectiveness of television (25 marks)
The psychology of the celebrity
Outline and evaluate two explanations of the attraction of celebrity (25 marks)
Discuss research into two areas of intense fandom (25 marks)
Compare social psychological and evolutionary explanations for the attraction of celebrity. Refer to
research evidence in your answer. (25 marks)
AQA PSYA4 Specimen Paper
"In an experiment 70 teenagers were asked to complete a rating scale to assess their hostility, anger
and anxiety. They were then randomly allocated to play either violent or non-violent video game. After
the game they completed the rating scale again. Scores on the scale before and after playing the game
were compared.
Both groups had higher ratings on hostility and anger after playing the games, though the effect was
more pronounced for the group playing the game with the violent content."
a) Discuss the findings of this study in relation to research into media influence on aggression (15
b) `There is an increasing body of psychological research into the phenomena of intense fandom and
celebrity worship'
Describe what psychological research has shown about intense fandom and/ or celebrity worship
(10 marks)

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PSYA4: A2 Level Psychology
Feb 2010 PSYA4
a) `Content analysis has shown that many video games have violent themes. Many of these games are
aimed at adolescents.…read more

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PSYA4: A2 Level Psychology
a) Outline the Elaboration Likelihood model of persuasion. Explain how a mobile phone company
might use knowledge of this model in a campaign to market a new phone. (4 marks + 6 marks)
b) Researchers conducted a study of media influences on anti-social behaviour. The researchers
asked child participants to name their favourite TV programmes. Fifteen years later, the
researchers assessed the same participants for levels of anti-social behaviour. Two measures of
adult anti-social behaviour were obtained for each participant.
1.…read more


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