PSYA3 Tips from Examiner Reports

A list of tips I compiled from looking at all the examiner reports found on the AQA website. I have split it into three sections: AO1/AO2, Methodology and IDA (Issues, Debates and Approaches). This is not specific for certain topics but instead is general exam advice as we all know this unit can get quite tricky and stressful under time!

Feel free to comment if you have any more suggestions or queries!

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AO1 and AO2 are marked separately, so if you perform badly in AO1 criteria you can still
perform well in AO2 criteria.
The examiner doesn't want twice as much AO2 as AO1: they want effectively used and
developed points. So it is wise not…

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Reductionism is misused a lot. It does not refer to a limited theory/ approach but that it
emphasises explanations at a fundamental level. This should also mainly be used for
biological/evolutionary theories or explanations.
Practical applications of theories, explanations or research are an underused source of
Be careful with…


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