AQA PSYA3 - Relationships Complete Essays

These are the notes I've created for the relationships chapter of the PSYA3 exam for the AQA board.

They are the essays I learnt word for word for the June 2014 unit 3 exam. Although I haven't got my results yet I created similar notes at AS level and achieved 200/200 UMS, so I will let you know! 

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Formation of romantic relationships
One explanation of the formation of romantic relationship is reward/need satisfaction
theory, which was proposed by Byrne and Clore. The theory says that we form romantic
relationships with someone because they are rewarding, and life alone is unrewarding. The
romantic relationship also forms…

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us to want to form a relationship with that person. Research is consistent with this idea.
Lehr & Geher gave 24 males and 32 females a description of a person with either similar or
dissimilar attitudes to their own. It was found that the students preferred those who shared

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be under benefitted and it will breakdown. Equity doesn't necessarily mean equality though,
equity is where the partners rewards minus their costs equals the other partners rewards
minus their costs.
There is research which supports equity theory. Stafford and Canary asked 200
married couples to complete a measured of equity…

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Rollie and Duck (2006) proposed a 6 stage model of relationship breakdown. Within
each stage there is a threshold which must be met before moving onto the next stage. At
stage 2, 3 and 4 the relationship can breakdown. The first stage is breakdown stage, where
one partner becomes dissatisfied…

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and I find you very attractive". They then either said "Would you go on a date with me",
"would you come back to my apartment", or "Would you have sex with me". They found
that 50% of females and 50% of males would go on a date, 6% of females…

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so birth in humans happens earlier in development to compensate for this. This means
human infants are immature so are dependent on their mothers for longer in terms of
breastfeeding. Something which can only be done by females. Females also invest more than
males due to parental certainty. Human reproduction…

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differences in parental investment only give us a limited and somewhat outdated
Finally, Rowe (2002) suggests that explanations of PI based on evolution are
reductionalist. This is because men's behaviour as a parent may depend on a number of
other factors such as how they were treated by their…

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However Erwin (1993) claims that gender differences have actually been
oversimplified and many similarities do actually exist. This suggests that claims by Richard &
Schneider are false and that childhood friendships act as a training ground for romantic
relationships is both sexes.
Evidence that early childhood relationships can influence later…

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in a romantic relationship. This therefore supports the suggestion that a strong emphasis on
romantic relationships in western cultures may unduly amplify feelings of loneliness.
The influence of US romantic comedies creates a warped idea of the perfect
relationship, presenting a culturally biased view of romantic relationships to the world.…


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