pros and cons of networking

the pros and cons for the two types of networking and networking in general

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Advantages and disadvantages of peer to peer networks
advantages disadvantages
No need for a network operating Because each computer can be accessed
system by others, it can slow the computers
Doesn't need an expensive server as Files and folders can't be centrally
individual stations are used to access backed up
No need for specialist staff such as Files and resources aren't centrally
network technicians because each user organised into a shared area. They are
sets up their own permissions as to stored on individuals' computers and
which files they will share might be difficult to locate if the
computers owner doesn't have a logical
filing system.
Easier to set up than a client-server Ensuring that viruses aren't introduced
network, no specialist knowledge to the system is the individual
needed responsibility of the user.
If one computer fails it will not disrupt There is little security apart from the
the rest of the network, it just means permissions. Users don't need to log on
that those files aren't available to to their workstations.
other users at the time.
Advantages and disadvantages of client-server networks
advantages Disadvantages
All files are stored in a central location A specialist network operating system
is needed.
Network peripherals are controlled The server is expensive to purchase
Backups and network security is Specialist staff such as a network
controlled centrally manager is needed
Users can access shared data that is If any part of the network fails a lot
centrally controlled of disruption can occur.
Advantages and disadvantages of networks as a whole
advantages Disadvantages
Sharing hardware peripherals- if a Viruses- if a virus finds its way into a
computer wasn't connected to a network network, it will damage everything on
then each computer would need its own that network and cause a lot of damage
printer, which is costly, especially if as a result.
they aren't always being used. A
network means lots of computers only
need one printer, saving money on other

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Sharing files- files can be placed onto Network failure- if a network fails
a shared area, which allows all users to than no one on that network can access
access lots of different files and any files or folders.
resources.…read more


Mr A Gibson

A good comparison table with advantages and disadvantages of networks. You could used these to be tested on peer-to-peer vs. cliient server networks.

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