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Conveying Information
By Bethany Rossiter…read more

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Text is widely available to lots of people and it's
versatile, easy to edit and update.
Some examples include:
· User manual for a new piece of software
· Company report about annual profit
· Email to arrange a party
· Letter to a customer confirming a delivery date
· Invoice to a customer.…read more

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· Text based information is easy to understand.
· Most people are familiar and comfortable with
reading text.
· If printed, no extra equipment is needed to access
the information.
· A large amount of detail can be conveyed with text.
· Text can be used in a variety of contexts e.g. Posters,
· Text can be downloaded quicker from the internet
than images, videos or sound files.…read more

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· A large amount of text can be hard to process at
· Some people have poor literacy skills and struggle to
read even simple texts.
· If you are from another country then you may not be
able to understand the text.
· Text must be written for the right level to suit the
target audience.
· Technical language can make the text hard to
· Not very good for understanding large amounts of
data.…read more

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Pictures can be used to convey information without
having to use a single word.
Some examples include:
· Symbols- traffic road signs
· Charts and graphs- show trends even without any
text to show us what the trend is about.
· Floor plans
· CAD drawings
· Flow charts…read more

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· Convey information quickly
· People understand picture no matter what language
they speak.
· Can communicate ideas that would be difficult to do
with text alone.
· Images can support text
· Images such as road signs are easy to see from a
distance.…read more

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