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British film- have a small budget, however the Harry Potter saga is an acception.They find an actor or actress that are well known in the british film industry and produce a run of films that they know will sell and so continue to produce similar genre of films with the same actress or actor that they know will sell. for eg, simon pegg (well known for comedy genre) thus creating a constant flow of profit. An american equivilant od Jenifer Aniston.

The British film often produced often have a hidden agenda of message to be received by the audience.In doing so, the British film industry are not afraid to show the poverty side to England as many of their films show this view.

In 2007, 27 British films were made, 603 American films were made and 1000 Bollywood films were made. These figures show that British films are produced much much less,compared to the american or even Bollywood made films. This tells us that the market for films is wholly controlled by the big the 5 and this is showing only 5 main people are controlling what society watches.

However both Bollywood and america can produce more films that British as they have more production days, more space, and more labour.

Old Hollywood:

a few major companies tried to distribute their own films. 

stars and directors were attached directly to one studio, and would produce the same genre of films.



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