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    • producers use the social media to attract a wider range of audiences
      • twitter - trending hashtags around the world
        • audiences use the hashtags to write short reviews/comments on the film. Connecting with other viewers around the world
      • facebook - pages dedicated to the film allowing users to like the page. used for promotion purposes, keeping viewers updated
        • audiences use facebook pages to stay update for any promotional updates such as competitions, giveaways etc
    • small low budget independent films can not only use social media for promotion but to also cast, staff and fund projects
    • Review forums allow audiences to converse with other viewers about the film, rate the film and leave comments
      • reddit, rotten tomatoes, IMDB
    • Sites such as Youtube allow producers to release (interactive) trailers, clips from the film, upload cast interviews, premiers, etc,
      • Audiences also use Youtube to upload video reviews
      • Adverts before videos, having to wait 5 seconds before being able to skip the advert
      • Genre, Stars, Power + Heavy Marketing and Cross Promotion Strategies, Targeting Audience, Access to CGI & Special Effects
      • American story lines follow a mainstream narrative. Easy for audiences of all countries understand
      • The Avengers, Dawn of the Planet Apes, American Sniper, Exodus Gods + Kings, Frozen, The Great Gatsby
      • Kick ***, Rush, Gravity, 12 Years A Salve, The King's Speech, Filth, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Riot Club, Trainspotting, The Theory of Everything,
      • British Films are often backed by Americans, most are independent films, not a lot to no CGI whatsoever, do not follow a mainstream narrative. Aren't seen in cinemas across the world
        • DAVID CAMERON PINEWOOD STUDIOS 2012 - UK film industry should financially support more commercially successful pictures
        • British Film Institute (BFI), StudioCanal, UK Film Council, Raindance Film Festival, Endinbrugh InternationalFilm Festival


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