I analysed the poem ''Presents from my aunts'' from Cluster 2 of the AQA English anthology and thought i'd share it on here :)

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The poem is based around the poets confusion and be
wilderness concerning her cultural identity.
It has no clear structure - it's erratic line organisation portrays this
really well, as the random placement of the lines suggest how her
mind is jumbled and confused, which gives the reader a clear view of
how she feels.
Imtiaz Dharker uses imagery a lot to give the reader a vivid insight
to what she sees. This creates a link between the poet and the
reader as it feels more personal. The adjectives the poet uses like
'glistening' and 'orange' really emphasise the clothes beauty, which
is what she wants.
In the first stanza, the poet writes ''Candy striped glass bangles
snapped, drew blood''.
The personification of these bangles suggest how her link between
Pakistan and her true culture has also been ''snapped'' and this line
effectively emphasises it.
In the 3rd stanza, she writes about how she thinks about the cruetly
a camel went through to turn its skin into a lamp. This represents
her feelings towards change and being separated from something -
in her case, her true home.
In the 5th stanza, when describing the occurrences which happened
when she showed her friend her ''weekend clothes'' she tells us that
the english child was not impressed.
This contrasts to her feelings about the clothes, because she
admires them as she writes "often i admired the mirror-work" which
again portrays how she does not quite fit in with England and it's
When her mothers jewelry is stolen in stanza 4, it could be seen as
ametaphor describing how her identity has been stolen by England.
It also expresses her feelings about the vivid contrast between
the two cultures.
The poem ends with the line "staring through the fret-work at the
Shalimar Gardens" - here she is using a physical place
to emphasise that there is a physical barrier between her and
Pakistan, stopping her from becoming a part of it.
Hope I helped :)


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