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Marianne Bradley 11PV
Analysis of Meaning and Language in prerelease poems

Aunt Julia

"Aunt Julia" is a poem written by a man who remembers the times he spent with his Aunt,
and describes her. It outlines her as an eccentric character, and is full of regret that he

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From the fourth stanza, we are under the impression that his mother is no longer around "all
the arguing in the world will not stay the moon". From the word arguing, we can assume that
she left the father after quarrelling, and then "resuming her interrupted journey...turning away
from land…

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In the fourth stanza, we sense that he is no longer rich and successful. The quote " he
escaped the lynch days" implies a period in history where many people died ­ we can
assume that this is because of the money he has moved around the globe. The narrator…

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disappointments", and this poem is full of regret "they must hear the long `hush' of the wind
in the leaves".

In "The Washerwomen", language is used to great effect. Throughout the poem, consonantal
chiming is used to simulate the sounds of the women washing and the environment that they…

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modifiers are used to enhance the story: in stanza two, the mules are described as
"exhausted". The description of the goods as "smuggled" implies that they are escaping
The authors description of the snow as "a valley of plaster" in stanza three shows that they
have never seen certain…

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only for material wealth ­ the barrater in the bride's mother's stanza regarding the items as
"beautifully painted. The repetition of the river and the rain in each stanza shows how it
is the most memorable thing about the wedding. Its development in the poem warns the
reader of what…

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the fact that many jobs became available in Great Britain because so many cities had been
bombed and needed rebuilding.
The description " I in my Carribean gear was a halffinished shack" uses personification to
show how he doesn't belong in London. He is not suitably dressed for the conditions:…


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