Poems from other cultures - Similarities in Techniques

Heyy, I just made this now, for those who are doing last minuet revision, It is a list of techniques matched up with the poems, it just makes it easier to identify which poems use metaphors, similies, personification etc..I hope it helps, please give me your feedback! :)

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Poems from different cultures ­ Cluster 2
Similarities in techniques
Search for my tongue ­ `I have lost my tongue' + Extended plant metaphor
This Room ­ Extended metaphor of the room
Not my Business ­ `Booted the whole house awake'
Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan ­ `my costume clung to me'
Hurricane Hits England ­ `Come to break the frozen lake in me' `The howling
ship of the wind'
Rhetorical Questions:
Search for my tongue ­ `what would you do/if you had two tongues in your
HalfCaste ­ `wha yu mean/when yu say halfcaste'
Hurricane Hits England ­ `O why is my heart unchained?'
Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan ­ `glistening like an orange split open'
`marvel at the colours/like stained glass'
Search for my tongue ­ `search for my tongue' (title personifies what it is
This Room ­ `Its nightmares'
Not my Business ­ `And stuffed him down the belly' `The jeep was waiting on
my bewildered lawn'
Hurricane Hits England ­ `The howling ship of the wind,/Its gathering rage'
Search for my tongue ­ `You ask me what I mean'
HalfCaste ­ `Explain yuself'
Love After Love ­ `And say sit here. Eat.'
Search for my tongue ­ Gujarati
Unrelated Incidents ­ Scottish accent
HalfCaste ­ `Explain yuself'
Search for my tongue ­ `grows longer, grows moist, grows strong veins'
Unrelated Incidents ­ `like wanna yoo'
HalfCaste ­ `when yu say halfcaste' `whole'
Love After Love ­ `will' `you'
Not my Business ­ The refrain
Hurricane Hits England `Talk to me' `I am'

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Search for my tongue ­ First and Last Stanza
HalfCaste ­ `wid de whole of yu eye' (talks about half things first then whole
This Room ­ Room breaking out, and then free
Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan ­ demin and silk, Pakistan and England
Hurricane Hits England ­ `Fearful and reassuring'
Unrelated Incidents ­ He talks in Scottish accent but talks about BBC accent
HalfCaste ­ `I'm halfcaste'…read more


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