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Got given a sheet of practise questions from school, hope they help people taking the exam on the 29th :)

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English Language GCSE Paper (January 12th 2012)
Typical questions (you are expected to write 2-3 sides. The first two are Foundation, second two
are Higher)
Imagine that you are going to do work experience in a Wildlife Park or another visitor attraction.
Write a letter to the Personnel Manager introducing yourself and informing him or her about what
job you would like to do and why.
You are going to write an article for your school newspaper persuading your readers that we should
help homeless people.
The article should be about:
Where there are homeless people
Who they are and the situation they are in
What we should do about it
Write a letter to a friend explaining why you would like him or her to join you in a visit to a place
which you think is very special.
Some people think that it's wrong that primitive peoples and their communities are disrupted by
tourists and TV crews and that they should be left in peace.
Write an article for a travel magazine which argues for or against this idea.
More questions to follow!


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