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GCSE English Language Exam
Tips and Tricks on reading Q's

Question 1

  • ALWAYS 'What do you learn?' or 'What do you understand?'
  • Make at least three, if time four, points
  • You MUST infer i.e. read between the lines. What is suggested but not quoted in a certain phrase or word?
  • Aim to read Source 1, and write your response, in 12 minutes

Question 2

  • ALWAYS 'How do the headline and picture link and how are they effective?'
  • Make at least 4, if time, 5 points
  • Write two points about the headline and two points about the picture
  • In the fifth point, make it about either the headline or the picture, it's just a safety point to ensure you've got top band marks
  • Often, the headline will be phrased in a certain way to present a certain tone e.g. a sad tone, or a relieved tone. This will be easy to see, and, if this happens, the tone that is shown in the headline will appear in the text
  • The picture will just reinforce the tone, and maybe add a few more details and inferences that you will be able to pick up on
  • The 'How do they link?' part of the question can often be really confusing. All this means is that you have to quote single words and phrases that reinforce the tone given by the headline and/or picture
  • Aim to read Source 2 and complete your response in 12 minutes

Question 3

  • ALWAYS 'Explain thoughts and feelings of the writer'
  • In this question, you should mainly use inference to complete your response
  • In parts of the text, there will be direct anwers like 'I was completely shocked'.
  • It may seem plausible to say that 'The writer was shocked when she says ....'
  • However, this is not advisable as it isn't going to get you many marks, only maybe…


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