Objections to OA

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  • Counter arguments about definition
    • "The ideas of greatest and supreme perfection are meaningless"
      • Anselm does not mean greater in size but greater in value
      • Anselm means God is the greatest possible being, nothing could be superior to God
    • "We cannot define God" - Aquinas
      • Anselm's definition is not a positive definition
        • It does not say what God is like
        • It simply says that God is greater than anything we can conceive.
      • Descartes did not actually define God
        • As an imperfect being himself he could not have thought up the concept of a "supremley perfect being"
        • So, the definition must have come from the perfect being Himself
        • So the definition must be correct
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    • "Knowing the word God is not the same as knowing God"
      • Anselm believed that faith and reason aided each other in understanding the nature of God
        • the argument may help a person to develop a greater understanding of God and lead them to know God
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      • Many see Anselm's Proslogion as a prayer to God to aid faith rather than as argument for the existence of God
    • Paul Tillich
      • God is not a being as this would limit him
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