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Population Dynamics
Part 4…read more

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In this section...
You will learn about Mexico's increasing population and
the country's high percentage of young people.…read more

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What's happening to Mexico's
· Middle Income Country
· Total Population: 108.3 million
· Birth Rate: 20.04 Per 1000
· Death Rate: 4.78 Per 1000
· Natural Increase: 15.26 Per 1000…read more

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Mexico has a large youthful population.
· The population grew from just 20 million in 1940 to 70 million by
1980 and is fast approaching 110 million.
· The fertility rate in 1970 was high as 7.1 but is much lower now. In
2008, it was still above the replacement level, at 2.4.
· The average age in Mexico is just 26.
· 47% of Mexico's young people are now entering the childbearing
age.…read more

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Why is Mexico's population changing?
· A low death rate. This is due to more childhood vaccinations being
introduced, an increase in doctors and efforts to reduce infant
· Although the birth rate is falling, there is still a large percentage of
young people. Even if these young people have fewer children than
their parents did, the population of Mexico's will still continue to
increase.…read more

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What does this mean for Mexico?
· A large youthful population requires an increase in school places.
· Large numbers of young people are unable to find work so some
migrate to the USA in order to find work.
· There is a growing manufacturing industry.…read more


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