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Population…read more

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World population
When looking at the population at 9.43 am on
the 20th November 2012 the population was;
7,080,147,575 people
· Within 2 minutes there was an increase of 313
· In 4 hours there was a 0.000005% growth rate…read more

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Developed vs developing…read more

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Definition UK Mexico
Birth Rate The number of live births per 12 19
1000 of the population per year
Death Rate The number of deaths per year 9 5
per 1000 of the population
IMR The number of babies who die 5 17
before their first birthday per
year per 1000 babies born
Morbidity Rate The frequency with which a 0.2/0.3 0.3/0.4
disease appears in a population
Life Expectancy The average amount of time a 80- average 77-average
person is expected to live 78- male 74- male
82- female 80- female
Fertility Rate The amount of children a woman 1.9 2.3
has during her fertile years per
1000 women…read more

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Birth Rate
Causes of increased birth rate Solutions
· High IMR · Abortion
· Cultural beliefs · Contraception
· Lack of education · Sterilisation
· Children are economic · Increased education
· Redistribute resources and
· High economic growth
change consumption
· End of wars
· Social policies and laws
· Religion
· Lack of access to
contraception…read more

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· China's on child policy: china limited the amount
of children in a family to one, this was enforced
with financial benefits. This lead to gendercide.
· India Sterilisation (70's): people were bribed to go
through sterilisation in order to control the birth
rate. This only happened to those in financial
· Ehrich: Men in developing countries with 3 or
more children should be sterilised…read more

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