Phonological Development (Child Language Acquisition)

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Child Language Acquisition
Phonological Development.
2 ½ Years
Mastered vowels, and two thirds of consonants.
Will not be six or seven until totally confident with language.
Consonants are easier to say at beginning of words.
o Words with consonant endings provide some difficulty.
Children simplify language in a number of ways:
o Drop final consonants (hat > ha')
o Drop unstressed syllables (banana > nana)
o Consonant clusters (snake > nake, sleep > seep)
o Some letters are replaced for other easier letter.
o R > W
o Th > D, N, or F
o T (as in toe) > D
o P (as in pig) > B
o Similar sounds are reproduced.
o Dog > Gog.
Comprehension of phonology develops quicker than reproduction.
Berko and Brown:
Studied a child who had a toy fish who pronounced fish `fis'.
When asked, "This your fis?" boy responded with "No my fis."
When asked "This is your fish?" boy responded with "Yes, my fis."


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