Child Directed Speech (Child Language Acquisition)

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Child Language Acquisition
Child directed speech
Slower, clearer pronounciation
More pauses
Higher pitched
Exaggerated intonation and stress
Simpler, more restricted vocabulary
Diminutive forms (`doggie')
Concrete language
Simple constructions
Frequent use of imperatives
High degree of repetition
Frequent questions
Use of personal names instead of pronouns (`Mummy' instead of `I')
Gender Differences
Males: Wider vocabulary, ask more direct questions, more physical, less likely to understand the
Female: Opposite of the male, more conversations.
Effects of CDS
More accessible
Phonology: Retains attention
Questions: improves auxiliary verbs
Introduce conventions of conversation
Some argue baby talk interferes with language development because it provides
children with an inarticulate/inaccurate portrayal of speech.
In cultures where adults do not use CDS children seem to acquire their native language
at normal rates of development.


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