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First Weeks...
· Child expresses itself through crying
· Different cries symbolise different needs
· Cooing starts around 8 weeks…read more

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3-6 Months
· Cooing shows control over vocal chords…read more

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· 6-9 months
· Child makes sounds that resemble adult
· Vowels and consonants put together to
imitate speaking
· Phonemic expansion (increasing the
number of phonemes) and phonemic
contraction (using the phonemes
necessary for the child's native tongue).…read more

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9-12 Months
· Vocalisations express emotion
· Attempts to communicate with people
around them
· Intonation resembles speech
· Start to point at things related to speech…read more

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Holophrastic Stage
· 12-18 Months
· One word can take the meaning of the
whole sentence
· Grammatically unstructured
· Vocabulary of around 50 words, typically
nouns…read more

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