PhoneSlides - create revision materials to view on your smartphone

Microsoft Powerpoint can save a presentation file as a sequence of JPEG images or as a single PDF file. Most Mobile Phones can display JPEG images.  Smartphones can display PDF files (if you install a free PDF file reader first)

Result? Phoneslides - A revision resource for all your subjects which you can fit in your pocket.

Download and save the presentation.  Load it into Microsoft Powerpoint.  Follow the instructions on the slides.

The attached file was originally developed for A level Physics - but obviously the basic concept will work for most subjects and levels.

  • Created by: Mal
  • Created on: 13-07-10 14:23




Looks really good. I need to create presentations and PDF documents due to my work and I need good proven app for smartphone and laptop. Can you share some recommendations? I even can pay for good software. Thanks!



Hello. There can be free and premium applications. If you don't need to do something difficult you can use some free apps. There are a lot of top picks in internet where you can choose software with necessary features. For example it can be PDF Candy.



Editing pdf files for the first time can seem daunting, but in general there is nothing complicated. Usually such tools for editing provide clear and simple functionality and interfaces. Like example check, here you can easily merge PDF files online for free.