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Philosophy 1
The Nature of God…read more

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Nature of God Vocabulary
Agnostic ­ Someone who is unsure whether there is a God or not.
Atheist ­ Someone who does not believe in God
Creed ­ Statement of belief
Holy ­ Separate / set apart and righteous / good
Holy Spirit ­ 3rd Person of the trinity (God in action)
Monotheistic ­ Believing in one God
Omnipotent ­ All-powerful
Omnipresent ­ Everywhere
Omniscient ­ All-knowing
Theist ­ Someone who believes in God
Trinity ­ The three persons of God (The father, the son and the holy spirit)…read more

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He is eternal and beyond He created the universe
time and space
He is omnipresent
He is perfectly
kind and loving
What do Christians believe
about God?
He is all knowing
He wants people to
treat each other well
He is all powerful
He will judge everyone…read more

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How can God be experienced?
· Visions
· Prayer
· Worship
· A holy book
· Meditation
· A conversion experience
· Miracles / Healing
· An Audible Voice
· Dreams
· Felling his presence
· Answered prayer…read more

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How Can God be seen in the world?
· Creation of the universe
· Natural beauty (Design argument)
· Miracles
· The holy spirit
· Jesus Christ
· The conscience…read more

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Trinity The Father
God is one being, however
Christians believe that he is
revealed in three persons
which are all distinct.
The Holy
The Son
Spirit…read more

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