Writing to Persuade language devices

Persuasive Speech Technique Devices that you should use in the writint to Persuade question:  

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Persuasive Speech Technique Devices:
A x3:
Addressing The Audience: flatter audience
Anecdote: personal story: relate to topic persuading about
Alliteration: repeating consonant sounds at beginning of word
Fact: truthful information to back up point: evidence
Opinion: arguing your belief/point: presenting opinions as facts
Repetition: repeating words: stand out emphasis reader focuses on repeating word
Rhetorical Question: questions that havnt got an answer asking for effect
: question one's/readers/their own belief
Emotive Language: empathy: used to make reader feel a certain emotion
Superlative: saying something is the best/worst: expresses
Threes: when three adjectives/phrases used together to stand out emphasises being
s argued.
Connectives: connects points to make argument stronger
Paragraphs: structures work
Long + Short Sentences: gives an impact e.g. one word sentences: BANG!


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