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Section A: Reading
· You will have 1 hour to answer all the
questions in this section.
· Read all the questions before you begin.
· As you read the texts underline and
annotate key points.
· Check how many marks are available for
each question.…read more

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You should identify...
· Audience (age, gender, interests,
· Purpose (persuade, argue,
advise, inform, entertain, instruct)
· Form (e.g. letter, broadsheet
article, tabloid article, leaflet, diary
etc.)…read more

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Be prepared to write about...
Structure/ Form
Presentational Devices…read more

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Also be prepared to be
· About a writer's methods or techniques
· To follow or summarise a writer's point of
view or argument
· To compare...…read more

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Presentational Devices
· Font · Charts
· Colour · Diagrams
· Headlines · Bold
· Sub-headings · Italics
· Logos · Bullet points
· Slogans · Text wrap
· Quotations · Tables
· Pictures · Text Boxes
· Photographs · Columns…read more

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