PE Questions - Test Yourself

Questions to test yourself or friends. Need to know for edexcel exam.

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1. Name the 4 stages of the participation pyramid
2. 2 people that may influence you to take part in sport
3. How can exercise benefit you mentally?
4. How can exercise benefit you physically?
5. How can exercise benefit you socially?
6. Why might someone take part in sport?
7. Name the 5 health related components of fitness
8. Name the 6 skill related components of fitness
9. Meaning of Health
10. Meaning of Fitness
11. Name the principles of training
12. Explain the FITT principle
13. Explain goal setting
14. Name the fitness training methods
15. What does aerobic and anaerobic training mean?
16. What is meant by `carbo-loading'?
17. What are the 3 Somatotypes ­ give examples
18. What is the main function of carbohydrate?
19. What is the function of fat?
20. What is protein found in?
21. What is the function of fibre?
22. Why is water important?
23. Why do we warm up before doing sport?
24. Why is warming up important?
25. Name the fitness tests and state what they test
26. Name 4 performance enhancing drugs and state why they are used
27. What are the immediate effects of exercise?
28. What are the long term effects of exercise?
29. What are the factors that have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system?
30. What is cholesterol?
31. How our blood gets transported round the body
32. What is cardiac output?
33. What is stroke volume?


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