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Ovid Metamorphosis
The Creation
In the beginning there was chaos and shapeless matter
Then either god or nature began sorting out the confusion
He moulded the earth into a great sphere, then he separated, wind, water, air and
He added seas, rivers, lakes, plains valleys and mountains
He added stars in the heavens
Then he added deserts, icecaps and places in between
Then clouds wind and thunder came
Then fish and animals
Then he man humans in the likeness of god and created man…read more

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But mighty Jupiter took one of his lightning bolts and shook mount Olympus and all
the other mountains
They bodies came crushing down to earth and there fearsome bodies lay prostate
Mother Earth took pity on them, so she drenched the blood of the giants and gave it
new life; unwilling that all the fruit of her womb should be lost and forgotten
She turned their blood into human form; but the new race also looked on the gods
with contempt
Their passionate lust for…read more

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Notus flew out on his soaking wings, his beard was a bundle of rainstorms and
instant rain poured from the sky
Iris the rainbow sucked up the moisture to thicken clouds. The corn was flattened
and farmers wept for his wasted prayers
Neptune the sea god deployed his waters to aid his brother. He struck the Earth with
his trident and rivers engulfed the plains and the valleys
Now you could not distinguish between the land and sea.…read more

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The stones started to loosen and slowly assumed a new shape. They soon grew
larger and gathered a nature more gentle than a stone.…read more

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Often her father would remark, `you owe me a son my daughter,' but blushes of
shame would spread through her cheeks as she replied to her father, `Darling father I
want to remain a virgin forever, please let me. Diana's father allowed her.' And her
father granted her wish
When Apollo caught sight of her, he fell in love and longed to possess her
But as he got closer to her, Daphne fled
Apollo exclaimed, `Stop, dear Daphne, I beg you to stop.…read more

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However Jupiter knew his wife had come down to Earth so he changed Io into a
snowwhite heifer. Juno admired the cow's beauty. Jupiter had told her in was born
of the Earth as he hoped to stop her asking questions
Juno then asked him, `please will you give her to me as a present.…read more

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Io part 2
As he was telling the story he realised that Argus was falling asleep
At once Mercury stopped talking and struck his sickleshaped sword at his nodding
victim.…read more



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