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CLASSICS - OVID…read more

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Roman, born in 43 BC, wrote love poetry, Not liked
by Augustus Caesar
Metamorphoses ­ "shape change",
collection of stories, explaining how the world was made
Goes from the creation to Caesar out-do Virgil because of
the time span
Virgil wrote "the Aeneid" = epic poetry
Influenced by Homer (Iliad and Odyssey)…read more

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Book 1
chaos, crude unstructured mass, no sun or moon,
Earth and Sea meshed together, god of nature arrives, no gods
made, separates earth, sea and sky, separates fie, air, earth
and water
Earth then made round, makes terrain,
Creates the Arctic, Antarctic, Equator, two-hemispheres
made weather, two types of lightening (fork and sheet),
Makes North, East, South and West and the atmosphere
stars created, living creatures, fish, beasts, birds
1 gods then man…read more

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The Four ages:
Age What happened?
Golden Natural, peaceful, no damage to the land, no war, contrast
with normal roman life, no built territories, only season was
Silver New seasons, more weather, farming, houses, and
Bronze created weapons, developed fighting, fought with each other
Iron brute force, criminal lust, exploring, boundaries, territories
are marked, running out of food and resources, mining, gold,
war, jealous, traitorous…read more

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The Giants:
Giants tried to take over
Jupiter destroys giants, Rheas creates the human race form their
The new race are power Hungary, violent, contemptuous,
ferocious, passionate,
Jupiter calls a council
Jupiter threatens to destroy humankind, Uses Lycaon as an
Lycaon did not believe that Jupiter was a god (in human form),
plans to kill him in order to be able to tell, kills a hostage and roasts
his flesh, tries to get Jupiter to eat it but fails, Jupiter turns him
into a wolf,…read more

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The flood:
Jupiter invokes a flood, all over the world fills the sky,
Everything droned,
Deucalion and Pyrrha:
Only people left on earth during the flood, They pray to
Themis, their piety is rewarded
Tells them to throw their mothers bone over their shoulders,
confused but obey. The stones each threw turned into men and
Slain by Apollo, in honour of the conquest he founded the
Pythian games…read more

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