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Ovid Metamorphoses Book 8
Scylla and Mnos
King Minos, the king of Crete, was planning to invade the Alcathoe where king Nisus
Nisus had a lock of crimson hair upon his white hair. As long as this strand remained
on his head, the city would be safe
There was a tower of the king, added to walls of singing stone, where Apollo, once
rested his golden lyre, and the sound resonated in the rock.…read more

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There is a guard watching the entrance, and my father holds the keys of the gate. I
only fear through him I might be unlucky: only he hinders my wishes. Would that the
gods had devised things so that I had no father!'
`Fortune only favours the brave, so if I am willing to try maybe I will get what I want.…read more

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She wept in misery until Bacchus came to her rescue
`My star, you must shine forever.' Removing the crown from her forehead, he
launched it skyward. During its flight the gems changed into brilliant fires
Daedalus and Icarus
Daedalus had now started to hate his long exile in Crete and he wanted to go home
But as he was on an island there was no way he could get out
So he decided to make some wings.…read more

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He also invented the compasses by joining two pieces of iron on a single hinge
Daedalus was jealous so he threw him down headfirst down the scared hill of
Minerva, pretending he had slipped
But Minerva, who encouraged artist talent, caught him and turned him into a bird.
This bird cannot lift its body from the Earth.…read more

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One man called Nestor, used his spear as a pole and vaulted up the nearest tree to
his safety; he then looked down on the foes he fled from
The boar sharpened his tusks on the trunk of the Oaktree threatening death
Two men came in riding horses' whiter then snow holding spears.…read more

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Meleager knew nothing of this, but the flames began to burn him. He found it hard
that he was facing a bloodless death like a coward.
He called on his father, his loving brother and his sister
All of Calydon was full of sorrow.…read more

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But they forgot about me, so I swept along in a mighty spate, the powers of my
waters matched my wrath. I rolled my waves where the nymphs were standing and
they remembered me then. My waters then turned them into islands'
`Far off in the distance, you can see my favourite island. Perimele the sailor I call it. I
loved that girl and stole her virginity from her.…read more

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They turned around and saw all of the houses under water but theirs. it was turned into a
`Then King Jupiter said "you good man and the wife ask us for anything and we will give it
to you."'
`They said, "We ask to be priests and to guard your temple, we also ask that we could die
in the same hour."'
`Their wished was granted. When it was time for them to die, they both sprouted leaves
on their limbs.…read more


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