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Ovid Book Metamorphosis 3
Jupiter disgusted himself as a bull in order to kidnap Cadmus' sister Europa
Cadmus' father ordered Cadmus to go and search for her. He told him, if he does not
find him he is not allowed back home
However, Cadmus knew he would never find…

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Maddened with pain, the dragon twisted his head behind him and glared at the
wound in his back
The monster's temper was violent enough by nature; this was the final whiplash. The
veins swelled full on his bloated throat, his jaw was their poisonous fangs dribbling
with yellowwhite foam

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There was a secret corner in the cave surrounding by woodland which no human
should go
When Diana got tired of hunting she would come here to bathe in the clear clean
On this occasion, when Diana entered the cave she handed her weapons to a nymph
and handed…

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Juno thought to herself, `I must destroy this woman as the Queen of the gods. Her
guilt is betrayed through her bulging belly. How many times have I been allowed to
bear his child. This girl will be punished'
She came down from her throne to Semele disguised as a…

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A nymph gave birth to a boy named Narcissus
The mother asked Teiresias, ` Tell men, will my son grow to a ripe old age'
`Yes he replied, as long as he doesn't know himself.'
The prophets words were right Narcissus died of a curious passion
Narcissus was changing every…

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Echo watched his decline still filled with resentment but moved to pity
When he died his sister naiads beat their breasts and cut their tresses in mourning
His body however was not found, only a flower with a trumpet of gold and whit

Pentheus and Bacchus 1

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He continued to say to Pentheus, `I faced the fury of my crew. One of them was a
Lydian exile who was a murderer. He punched me in the throat nearly throwing me
into the water.
`Then along came the boy who was actually Bacchus. Asked them what they were…


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