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· A river god
· Theseus visits him
· He turned five nymphs into islands for forgetting to honour him
· He got Perimele turned into an island
· Sailor from Maeonia
· Recognised Bacchus as a god
· Not turned into a dolphin with the other sailors
· Disappears from Pentheus' prison.
· Grandson of Cadmus
· Saw Diana bathing in the nude
· Turned into a stag
· Ripped apart by his own hounds.…read more

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· Daughter of Cadmus
· Sister of Semele
· Mother of Pentheus, whom she rips apart, believing that he is a lion.
· The father of Cadmus and Europa.
· Mother of Meleager
· Distraught when he kills her two brothers
· After some debate she chooses to kill him by placing a fated log in a fire.
· God of the sun, culture, prophecy and disease.
· He kills the python, then Cupid makes him fall in love with Daphne, who he duly
chases across the mountainside!…read more

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· Takes part in the boar hunt
· Foolishly suggests Diana cannot protect the boar
· The boar promptly rips his guts out.
· hundred-eyed giant asked by Juno to guard lo
· Killed by Mercury
· Eyes set into a peacock's tail feathers by Juno.
· Daughter of Minos
· Helps Theseus kill the minotaur
· He abandons her on an island
· She is rescued by Bacchus, who turns her crown into stars.…read more

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· A warrior-girl
· She takes part in the boar hunt
· Meleager falls in love with her
· She wounds the boar
· He gives her its hide
· City in Greece
· Went to war with Minos after his son died there
· Home of Theseus
· Grandson of Cadmus
· Son of Jupiter and Semele
· God of wine
· Turns sailors into dolphins
· Causes Agave to tear Pentheus apart…read more

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· Wife of Philemon
· Visited by Jupiter and Mercury
· Offers great hospitality
· Saved from the flood
· Turned into a tree with her husband
· Founder of Thebes
· Father of Semele
· Grandfather of Actaeon and Bacchus
· Son of Agenor
· The place of Greece where the boar hunt takes place
· Goddess of harvest
· Punishes Erysichthon when he chops down tree sacred to her…read more

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· Island on which the sailors take Bacchus prisoner
· The island home of Minos and his family, where Daedalus escapes from
· Son of Venus
· Makes Apollo fall in love with Daphne
· Invented a wooden cow for Pasiphae, a labyrinth for Minos, and wings for himself;
· Tried to murder his nephew Perdix
· Mourned the death of his son Icarus
· Pursued by Apollo, then turned into a laurel tree.…read more

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