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Outline and assess how useful subcultural theories are in explaining crime.

A subculture is a culture that exists within the dominant culture of a society. Therefore,
members of a subculture should have different norms and values to the rest of society, and
could be regarded as deviant because of this.…

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subculture, one he claims has existed within society for centuries. Miller argues that within
the lower-working-class culture there are a number of `focal concerns' which encourage
deviance. These focal concerns include a heightened sense of masculinity and an acceptance
of violence as a part of their day-to-day lives. His ideas…




Can you get an A* without a conclusion?



Thanks for giving a template for me to structure my answers!



This a great suopportive resourcde which can be useful in order to support students when constructinbg top answers for the crime and devaince paper. The answer is clear and detailed clearly debating the issue although adding a conclusion would be useful but can easily be done by a student using the strongest supporting point and strongest critique. 

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