All the past paper questions from the AQA website for Unit 4

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Crime and
deviance, with
theories and
List of Past 12 Mark questions:
June 2010
Examine some of the reasons why females may be less likely than males to commit
Crimes. (12 marks)
January 2011

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Examine some of the factors that may contribute to people becoming victims of crime. (12
June 2011
Examine the effectiveness of crime prevention strategies in reducing crime. (12 marks)
List of Past 21 Mark questions:
June 2010
Using material from Item A and elsewhere assess sociological views of the relationship
between crime and the mass media. (21 marks)
January 2011
Using material from Item A and elsewhere assess the usefulness of subcultural theories
in explaining `subcultural crime and deviance' in society today.…read more

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June 2010
Identify and briefly explain three problems of using selfreport studies to study offending.
(9 marks)
January 2011
Identify and briefly explain one problem of using official statistics to measure the extent of
green crime. (3 marks)
Identify and briefly explain two advantages of using covert observation to study criminal
gangs. (6 marks)
June 2011
Identify and briefly explains one problem of using questionnaires to investigate corporate
crime.…read more

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List of Past 33 Mark questions:
June 2010
Assess the relative importance of the different factors that affect sociologists' choice of
research methods and of topics to investigate. (33 marks)
January 2011
Assess the view that positivist methods are inappropriate for investigating society. (33
June 2011
`Sociology can be valuefree and should be valuefree.…read more


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