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Assess the usefulness of interactionist approaches to the study of society. (33marks)

Interactionism is an action approach, which focuses on the individual, and tries to understand and
interpret human behaviour. They focus on the study of individuals, and how society is constructed by
members' interactions and meanings. They also focus…

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the role of a student and are expected to behave in a certain way. We don't always behave the way we are
expected to behave therefore our behaviour isn't always predictable.

Symbolic interactionism provides the theoretical basis of labelling theory. During social interaction, a
person defines situations as real. For…

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control what they communicate while in the presence of others. It offers explanations for how and why
people communicate in public and small group situations. But it doesn't offer much for understanding
communication in more intimate setting. The Dramaturgical Model also fails to explain the underlying
processes and motivations that…


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