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Metopes Description
From temple C at Selinus in Sicily and made out of
Represents the story of when Herakles fell asleep and two
Kerkopes stole his weapons. When the hero woke and
caught them, he tied them up side down to a pole and carried
them over his…

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In his struggle with the Cretian bull, Herakles is shown alone.
The simple but powerful composition is based on two
crossing diagonals.
The two contestants strain away from each other yet
Herakles has pulled the bulls head around so that man and
beast confront each other and interest is brought…

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Metope I
Similar in composition, but clearly carved by a less skilled
Interest is bunched up in the centre, meaning there is a blank
expanse to the right.
The figures are awkward harsh lines indicate their muscles
the centaur appears to have no neck and his flattened face is…

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