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The Siphnian Treasury:
Friezes ran along all four sides of the treasury at Delphi
and depicted three different myths.
Part A and B shows seated gods conferring about the
progress of the Trojan war. Five sit to the left of a break
and three to the right. Although the gods are identifiable
as individuals and differ slightly in how they sit and the
positions of their arms and legs, the overall effect of the
upright seated figures on their virtually identical stools
is one of handsome ornamental pattern. Within each
figure certain motifsstrands of hair or folds of drapery ­
are repeated for decorative effect, and the scene as a
whole is composed of rhythmically repeated verticals
and horizontals.
A: Three female goddesses are conversing, possibly
Athena, Hera and Demeter. Stylised ringlet hair and
patterned drapery is used to create patterns and unify
the power of the gods. Heads and feet all on same
levels to create repetition, but each goddess is slightly
altered to vary the frieze and make it interesting. Arms
are used to connect all the figures to show them linked
as people and to embody the continuity of the frieze.

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B: Five Gods, from the left: Ares, Aphrodite, Artemis,
Apollo and Zeus. They are each identifiable either by
their closeness to each other or by items such as Ares
shield. Stylised ringlet hair and patterned drapery.
Heads and feet all on same levels creating repetition.
Arms and heads connect the figures. Back view of
Apollo adds variety to poses. Simple stools all on same
level meaning all are proportion to each other.…read more

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Centre of west frieze.
· Horse is the central image, rearing
body creates movement.
· Man's flowing drapery adds to
sense of movement, creates action
added with outstretched left arm.
· Detailedcarving of veins on horse's
· Strength of controlling horse
depicted with the man's strained
musclesright arm bent.
· Cavalcadenorth frieze.
· Overlapping figures creating depth
and sense of urgency.
· Mass of figuresconfusing to
distinguish but when painted colours
would distinguish them from each
other.…read more


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