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The Siphnian Treasury:


Friezes ran along all four sides of the treasury at Delphi
and depicted three different myths.
Part A and B shows seated gods conferring about the
progress of the Trojan war. Five sit to the left of a break
and three to…

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B: Five Gods, from the left: Ares, Aphrodite, Artemis,
Apollo and Zeus. They are each identifiable either by
their closeness to each other or by items such as Ares
shield. Stylised ringlet hair and patterned drapery.
Heads and feet all on same levels creating repetition.
Arms and heads connect the…

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· Centre of west frieze.
· Horse is the central image, rearing
body creates movement.
· Man's flowing drapery adds to
sense of movement, creates action
added with outstretched left arm.
· Detailedcarving of veins on horse's
· Strength of controlling horse
depicted with the man's strained
musclesright arm…


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