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Black figure Vases
Black Figure Vase Description
It's a dinos on a stand.
The surface is divided up into 5 narrow friezes which make the
pots look much neater to make the dinos look more
The bottom three friezes are filled with Corinthian style
animals. The forth is an…

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On the handle of the volute krater, is a labelled representation
of Ajax carrying the body of Achilles. The two figures are
disproportionate Achilles would vastly out stand Ajax. And
Ajax's eye is frontal and oversized in comparison to his profile

A neck amphora that was different as it…

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Ajax & Achilles: 54030 BC Exekias This was the height of black figure art their clothes are so
intricately decorated and their hair is so finely detailed, other
artists simply could not improve on this old style.
Painted on the inside of a cup: a tondo.
Tells the story of…


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