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Red Figure Vases

Red Figure Vases Description
Black figure bilingual (transition) amphora.
It shows Herakles feasting attended by both Athena and
Hermes with a boy to the right mixing wine in a dinos. There
is a spindly tree behind the reclining Herakles, meaning the
grape vines hang down over the…

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A volute Krater depicting the battle of Greeks and Amazons
on the body with Herakles and Telamon fighting back to back
against 5 amazons. a group of cheerful men drinking and
dancing is on the neck.
The composition on the body is very complicated. Herakles
attacks vigorously from the left…

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His quiver hangs empty beside him. He is naked, except for
a folded cloak which hangs over his arm.
Artemis is also in the centre of the frieze. She is in the
process of taking an arrow from her quiver. Her arm is
foreshortened. She wears a peplos with an…

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Pelike depicting Polyneikes and Eriphyle.
Eriphyle was given the power to adjudicate between her
husband Amphiaraos and her brother Andrastos. Andrastos
wanted help establishing his son Polyneikes on the throne of
Thebes, but Amphiaraos knew that is he joined the
expedition against Thebes he would never return home.
Polyneikes offered…

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A hydria divided into two friezes.
The lower shows Herakles in the garden of the Hesperides. A
snake curls round the tree with the golden apples, while one
of the Hesperides stands, lifting her veil like a bride, before
the seated hero who is at a ¾ view. The detailing…


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